Ship Chandler Ferrol

Ship Chandler Ferrol

Ship Chandler Ferrol is an important ship replenishment facility that meets the deck and machinery requirements of all vessels at Ferrol ports. Our company, which is an important penny of the ship chandler sector, meets all the needs of the ship, which is paint, deck materials, machinery materials and spare parts, electrical equipment, maintenance and so on. Our company meets the supply of medical materials, cleaning materials, stationery, electric products, coolers, electronic and IT products and building materials in ship supplies. Our company makes spare parts according to the catalog of Impa and Issa. Apart from this, it is sufficient to deliver the needs of consumption to our company with visuals. After the images come, our organization has sufficient technical infrastructure to make the supply of any material required without any problems.

Ship Chandler Ferrol, a leading company in its sector, is a company that provides only ship supply services. It is an important partner for you and your ship at the port of Ferrol. It is sufficient to contact our organization for all kinds of material procurement. In case the customer relations unit is reached, our company that produces the solutions as soon as possible, finalizes all expectations in a short time. Our company, which provides service to Ferrol ports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, continues its work with professional teams. Our company, which is the partner of ship owners, ship management and auxiliary companies with our vast experience in the sector and corporate company tradition, provides service according to the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.

Ship Chandler Ferrol’s business needs are taken into consideration and our service is completed quickly and reliably. In addition to high quality products, Ferrol Ship Chandler, equipped with expert, technical, operational and administrative personnel, meets the needs of its customers by closely following the developments in the sector and renewing itself. Our company, which provides high quality products and services to all ships, dates back to the early 1980s. Our company, an important ship supplier in Spain and in the global maritime sector, makes every effort to maintain its reliable reputation in the maritime sector. Please contact us for any kind of ship replenishment needs. Make sure you are satisfied with the best quality products at the most affordable prices

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