Ship Chandler Villagarcia

Ship Chandler Villagarcia

Ship Chandler Villagarcia is your work partner in ship supplies in port Villagarcia port. The company is headquartered in Villagarcia and an international specialist in full-service ship supplies as Villagarcia. Ship Chandler Villagarcia has been operating in ship supply chain and logistics in only at all Spanish Ports for more than 35 years.The company has become a leader in delivering extraordinary order handling experiences by providing reimagined logistics, quality products and technical knowhow to the shipping industry. Ship Chandler Villagarcia takes all the work from your desk!

For all needs and demanded products, Ship Chandler Villagarcia is the ideal business partner that supplies your ship as fast as possible due to its own assortment of products, advanced logistics software and local know-how around all the all ports of Spain

Ship Chandler Villagarcia

          Ship Chandler Villagarcia

Ship Chandler Villagarcia offers a wide range of deck, engine and cabin consumables as Ship Chandler Villagarcia. More then 12.000 different IMPA articles are currently stocked in strategically located distribution centers.

Over the years the assortment of products is proudly expended with renowned many brands regularly.

Next to the strategically situated distribution centers nearby all ports of Spian, Ship Chandler Villagarcia is managed by experienced people who worked for many years in the maritime sector in order to guarantee a 24/7 approach to serve your needs.

Due to the service philosophy of the group it is possible to offer services as ship chandler villagarcia that exceeds all expectations and products of excellent quality for prices that are reasonable and fair.

Besides our own products we have the skills and technical know-how to outsource any custom product locally as Ship Chandler Villagarcia around our distribution centers.

hipchandler Tarragona range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat from Spanish’s best quality producers, fish straight from our local fishermen, fruit and vegetables from our farmers and dry stores from local and imported sources.

All our warehouse faciliies include chillers, freezers and packaging facilities allowing for the delivery of your provisions order in prime condition.

Following is a selection of categories from our extensive provisions list.

Meats Fresh / Meats Frozen
Seafood Fresh / Seafood Frozen
Poultry Fresh / Poultry Frozen
Dairy Goods
Game Fresh / Game Frozen
Fruit Vegetables
General Groceries Asian Goods & Spices
Beverages Juices Flowers
Gourmet Foods Speciality Lines
Smallgoods Dry Goods